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VOGUE by Stoneworld- Tortora Tiles (Various Sizes & Styles)
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VOGUE by Stoneworld- Tortora Tiles (Various Sizes & Styles)



                                Sw37 Sw37 Complete 250x225

Vogue by Stoneworld

The Vogue series epitomizes the contemporary urban setting. Featuring multiple faces and finishes, the Vogue’s washed concrete look is unapologetically modern. From the soft matt to beautiful lappato and the opulence of polished finish, there’s something for any space.

Tiles are sold per box. Please refer to the pricing per square meter, as well as the number of square meters per box below. The checkout pricing reflects the cost per box.


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Porcelain is a denser, less porous and harder option for flooring that offers greater stain and water resistance than ceramic tile. It is also the easiest to maintain with the myriad of possibility in aesthetic.


This affordable porcelain tiles features rectified edges to provide tighter joint spaces with less visible grout and modern look.


The Vogue series is perfect for the contemporary industrial look with multiple faces of washed concrete look. The series is suitable for both residential and light commercial projects.


The Vogue series create modern contemporary spaces, with strong industrial presence. It creates a streamlined and clean design with a touch of rustic charm.

Product Code Description Price m² m²/Box Box Cost
VOG TOR36L VOGUE TORTORA 300X600 LAPPATO $35.64 1.44 $51.32
VOG TOR36M VOGUE TORTORA 300X600 MATT $32.67 1.44 $47.04
VOG TOR36S VOGUE TORTORA 300X600 STRUCTURE $38.46 1.44 $55.38
VOG TOR60L VOGUE TORTORA 600X600 LAPPATO $34.16 1.44 $49.18
VOG TOR60M VOGUE TORTORA 600X600 MATT $29.70 1.44 $42.77
VOG TOR60S VOGUE TORTORA 600X600 STRUCTURE $36.98 1.44 $53.25

Note: 1) Guarantee only exists if installed by a licenced tradesperson. 2) All orders subject to availability and may take up to 3 business days before available for pickup or delivery.


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